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Aesthetically Pleasing Accounting

We find the beauty in numbers.

Helping our health and beauty clients achieve their dreams is our passion.

Mitchell Advisory Services is a trusted partner and strategic accounting advisor to estheticians and spas


We help small businesses transform their accounting, finance, and operations through customized end-to-end business solutions. 


You will love our enthusiastic and collaborative approach to solving your accounting, bookkeeping, and financial needs.

Spa Setting and skincare products

Our blend of experience in finance and accounting, as well as business process consulting, will lend itself well to the type of ongoing support you are looking for with your growing health and wellness business.

We'll be able to take many of the back-office aspects off your plate to free up your time to concentrate on your customers, products, and services.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business and how we can help.

Stay well,

Mitchell Advisory Services

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Esty Starter Package

Accounting Technology

Implement a modern accounting solution


Capture all financial activity

Send invoices & quotes

Record all bills & expenses

Manage inventory

Go mobile

Run payroll

Integrate with other tech

 Bookkeeping Services

Maintain up-to-date books and records


Financial Insights

Business Growth Strategy

Advise on business growth strategies and solutions


Streamline business

Reduce manual process

Tax savings strategies

Reduce costs

Drive revenue growth

Time-saving efficiencies

Custom app integration

Provide real-time financial insights


Current & compliant books

Integrate with banking

Avoid tax time scramble

Pay bills

Pay yourself & staff

Accurate business picture

Save time

Real-time financial reports

Revenue & expense detail

Asset & liability breakdown

Improve cashflow

Performance metrics

Budgeting & forecasting

Financial education

tree and flower growth

The accounting system that Mitchell Advisory Services set me up with has cut my time spent on accounting in more than half.  Now I can spend more time growing my skin care business, which is how it should be!


Helping Estheticians Thrive!

Shelley Hancock Equipment & Consulting, Owner/Trusted Esthetic Mentor

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